Wind Simulation over Topography and Strutures

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Wind Simulation over Topography and Structures

Sport Aerodynamics

CFD norway has a wide experience in the numerical simulation of wind flows over topography (or terrain) which can eg. determine the location of a wind turbine in order attain the best yield in power generation. Furthermore, it also gives crucial information about wind induced vortical flows behind mountains which again can affect the motion of flying vehicles (eg. the Værøy Twin Otter accident and the Straumfjorden helicopter incident).

Building aerodynamics is a common name for the subject of wind influence on structures like buildings, bridges and towers. Numerical analysis of such flows will give loadings on walls, suction forces on roofs and vibrational response of bridges.

Wind analysis of the new Holmenkollen ski jump including wind fences. The black curve mark the trajectory of a typical ski jumper.

Wind simulation of Trondheim Airport, Værnes; wind from south-east.

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