A small gallery of CFD norway’s projects

Since the introduction of the super computer in the1980’s the use of Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) for solving fluid flow problems has increased dramatically as a numerical tool in many areas of engineering. The pictorial overview below has focused on space transportation systems, aeronautics, sport aerodynamics, building aerodynamics and surface transportation.

From Lift-off . . .

Hermes on Ariane V rocket

Sänger spaceplane

FSSC-15 spaceplane

 Kinetic energy penetrator

NLR 7301 flapped airfoil

Airbus A380 prototype

DLR-F4 Wing/body

V-style ski jumper

Ram-air parafoil

 Turbulence from mountains

Wind effects on flight vehicles

 Wind loads on girder bridge


Bus stop shelter

Train aerodynamics

 Automotive aerodynamics

Ship aerodynamics of RCCL cruise liner

Wave elevation for frigate


Water bag hydrodynamics

Submarine near surface

Big blade rowing oar flow analysis

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