CFD norway is entering the Oceans

Predictions of Efficiency
and Loss of Thrust

Ship Operations at Sea, Modelling for Training

CFD norway is entering
the Oceans

Air-Sea Interface

Wind simulation over topography and structures

Sport Aerodynamics

Flow analysis of submarines require extensive and good grids.

CFD norway takes part in a four years multinational R&D programme on testing and simulation of submarines, Euclid NATO project “Submarine Motions in Confined Waters”. The other partners are; QinetiQ, UK – Insean, Italy – Bassin d’Essais des Carènes, France.
Operation of submarine in shallow waters requires the bestand exact knowledge about operating conditions, vehicle behaviour and simulations for training.
Together with MARINTEK which is doing the experiments CFD norway carries out all the CFD analysis to find the flow fields, forces and behaviour of the submarine when operating near the surface and when approaching the bottom.
This will give input to full mission simulators for traing of crews and for studing operational limits and for developing operational procedures.

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