NAME Petter Moen
ADDRESS Brinken 5
N-7013 Trondheim, Norway
TELEPHONE +47-51 56 08 68 (home)
+47-73 59 53 32 (office)
BIRTHDATE June 14, 1978
BIRTHPLACE  Hamar, Norway
POSITION Research Engineer

CFD norway as 
Marinteknisk senter 
Postboks 4125 Valentinlyst
N-7450 Trondheim, Norway 


Petter Moen graduated at the Department of Marine Technology at the Faculty of Engineering Science and Technology at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU) in June 2003. In the last part of the study programme, Petter specialised in Hydrodynamics and he graduated with a master thesis on «Design of a high-speed catamaran with asymmetric demihulls» by use of CFD and software by CFD norway.

The autumn 2003, Petter started working for the Norwegian Petroleum Directorate (From January 1 2004 Petroleum Safety Authority) as a pipeline engineer working with i.a. assessment of plans for installation and operation of pipelines and sub-sea structures, technical audits and follow-up of pipeline incidents.

Petter Moen started working for CFD norway May 31 2005.