Air-Sea Interface

Predictions of Efficiency
and Loss of Thrust

Ship Operations at Sea, Modelling for Training

CFD norway is entering
the Oceans

Air-Sea Interface

Wind simulation over topography and structures

Sport Aerodynamics

A model of Sea Orbiter was tested in the Ocean Basin

The international scientific station, SeaOrbiter, is planned to drift across the oceans on a round-the-world voyage. Advanced theoretical studies and hydrodynamic tests have been carried out by CFD norway and MARINTEK to study influence of wind, current and waves to :

Find effects and loads due to wind
and ocean current on SeaOrbiter as well as the flow around the platform .

To optimise the performance of Sea Orbiter in
waves .

In addition the flow around the top of the of SeaOrbiter and the wake was found by CFD analysis in order to find the best location of the sensors for scientific measurements.

These project was an excellent example on combination of aero-
and hydrodynamics as well as theoretical and experimental studies.

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